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Dell Alienware Area-51 Best Gaming Computer Machine

The development of game always demands more performance to the computer itself. When the sufficiency of performance in laptop and notebook has been limited with high price, people seek salvation of more affordable price with ultimate performance from the desktop computer. Here, the monstrous power of gaming has been realized in the Dell Alienware. Now, I will describe the greatness of this Alienware area 51 desktop for you. The explanation will deal with various features and the specifications which exist in best gaming computer 2017. The combinations which are acquired from the features and specifications are what make this computer great.

The Processor of Alienware Area 51
Indeed, this is a powerful processor which has been crafted with various advantages. This processor is crowned as powerful gaming machine which is sold under $ 10,000. The price is really worth the performance actually because you will get the monstrous processing. It can be considered as one of the best processor which exists in today’s computer technology. The mark which makes the processing run really fast is the Intel Core i7-5820K. This is a powerful processor that will bring you many surprises from its specification itself.

Dell Alienware Area-51 Best Gaming Computer Machine
First, the speed of this processor is designed in performance which is up to 3.8 GHz. This frequency will be backed with 15 MB of cache in its cores which will provide fast and efficient processing. This processing is quite reliable for its energy consumption too. This processor does not heat quickly and it works quite smooth too. Overheating often becomes one of the main reasons for the processor to consume more energy from electricity. There will no noise which is annoying from the processor. This processor is really suitable for works because of its quietness which does not disturb the focus.

For the speed of processing, processor will not only rely on the frequency which is given. The frequency which is big is centered in processing too by using the six cores system in this processor. Why do more cores provide better process? Cores are like the brain. When there are more brains which work together, the process will surely be more efficient and faster. The cache in its cores itself has provided even stronger backup for keeping the processor from overheating. Overheating is really not good for processor as it can damage its components. Now, I will show you the other excellent part of this wonderful processor.

The Storage of Dell Alienware Area 51
For the next greatness, you will have many helps from the storage which is given. Today, many films and most games come with high size for storage. In that case, common storage which you find today will not satisfy you well. You surely want to keep many data in your computer along with many entertainments. The Dell Alienware comes with innovation of 2 TB of SSD storage. The additional storage is also given ant its size is no joke. 18 TB of HDD drive is also installed here for making excellent storage. You do not have to be afraid about it as it can be read quickly. This is a high speed hard drive. The processor also provides quick reading too the drive.

The memory in the computer is also included for getting the nice performance here. The overwhelming size of memory is surely given. The overwhelming size is set to run any games at its finest quality. The 32 GB of DDR4 RAM is attached in this computer. This RAM comes in dual Channel with the speed of 2133MHz. This is a true combination of good performance. The size will also let you do many multitasking even the applications which come with great size. The cores in the processor will handle the process along with the RAM.

The Graphic Quality of Dell Alienware Area 51
Dell Alienware Area-51 Gaming Computer Machine
For the graphic, as a gaming pc under 1000, the excellent quality seems to be an obligation. Here, the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics is given. The combination of dual powerful graphic processor provides 24 GG. Each graphic processor comes in 12 GB for sure and it makes even crisper and sharper appearance. Two processors provide more efficient work as the work will be divided in two. The processor is also the most innovated processor from NVIDIA. It can execute any heavy game at ease for sure. The graphic will provide a high resolution for the output so any size of display will fit well.

For acquiring the best result of graphic output, the processor is also equipped with various renderers. 2 HDMI, 4 DVI, and 2 Display port are provided for you. Those features can be used for making various kind of display output. For example, you can divide the screen into many screens or you can form a one output of screen from many screen. Projector output will also be sharp and pleasing to the eyes. It contains high density and wonderful colorfulness.

Connectivity for the Dell Alienware Area 51
Now, for the connectivity, this stuff is surely designed with good system. First, the wireless system is given with the Intel 7260 802,11ac. For the WiFi, you also get a fast system here so it enables you to create a good WLAN connection. Bluetooth connection is also given to ensure even more practice connection. The Bluetooth will provide an easy connection between mobile device and computer. The speed of the Bluetooth is also the result of the new innovation. It can transfer big size of file in a speedy process.

The connectivity for data travelling is also complete here. You will have the USB ports in 3.0 USB and 2.0 USB. Those USB ports will be used for connecting certain devices like flash disk or external hard disk. Memory slot is surely given too for easy transfer. You will need to transfer big file from computer to the memory card with this slot. The flexibility of the process enhances the quality of the computer desktop. Most people will look this stuff as good news when they need godly performance in computer.

As you see, this Alienware area 51 desktop is a true computer processor. You just need to pair it with the right additional hardware. The sound which is produced by the processor is soft and detailed. In this case, you need to get good speakers to make that thing true. The display which you choose should also provide you with high resolution. Now, it is time for you to choose your choice of pair. You will make a comfortable computing with this powerful computer. The satisfaction of gaming comes from this gaming machine for sure.

Review of the Best Electric Razor for Men

One of the best electric razor for men products that you can find in market is the product manufactured by Braun. Braun series 7 790cc-4 is an electric foil shaver with plenty of useful features. Although electric razor technology has developed impressively, power source problem used on the device remains unsolved. Electric razor powered up by electricity from the electrical current. Additional cord connected the device with power outlet limits users movement when shaving. Therefore, electric shaving device that allows users to shave conveniently without disturbed by cord is an alternative solution. Product manufactured by Braun incorporates charging station instead of electric cord.

The head of this electric shaver use smart design that incorporated rotary shaver. Shaving facial hair with rotary innovation is not only more efficient, but also gentler. The blades of rotary shaver are flexible. This feature allows you to get the close cut. The best innovation of this device is pivoting head. It is able to follow the contour of your facial skin. By using this ability, electric razor manufactured by Braun is able to cover larger area of your face. Facial hair that grows on certain spot of face might be difficult to shave. Fortunately, impressive technology used on the blades is able to reach the hair on that spot easily. This modern device is compatible for both wet and dry shaving.

Review of the Best Electric Razor for Men

In order to give efficient shaving, this product uses three types of advance technology on its head. The first technology is intelligent sonic feature. This features increases power automatically when it deals with hair grows on difficult facial spot or denser hair. For neck and chin area, this device uses ActiveLift trimmer. The last technology used is 2X OptiFoil feature. This important feature provides precision of close shaving than any competitors. For the best result of close shaving, you can rely on those technologies. You will be able to obtain perfectly clean shaving due to the synergized foil incorporated in both sides.

Handle design of this electric razor is no less impressive than the head. It incorporates unique handle that allows you to grip it firmly. Therefore, you do not have to be worried that it will slip away from your hand while shaving. In this handle, you will find on and off switch along with the speed adjustment. You are able to adjust the speed of rotary razor for shaving the dense beard. Other outstanding feature located on the handle is battery indicator. You will be able to monitor the power left on this gadget by looking at LCD indicator. Unlike other electric shaver that requires you to connect it with power outlet, it does not include electric cord.

The power on this good electric razor for men comes from Lithium ion battery. Braun incorporates charging station for this product. This station serves as alternative ways of charging your razor. After it is fully charged, you can use it up to four days with average 40 minutes usage every day. This feature support portability aspect of the product. You will be able to bring this electric rotary razor along with you when travelling. You do not have to be worried looking for power outlet every time you want to shave.

Besides using to charge the battery of this electric shaver, charging station provided by the manufacturer comes with other purpose. It is able to clean and lubricate rotary razor at the same time. All you need to do is soaking the electric shaver head on the charging station and press the advanced cleaning button to clean it up. It is not only designed to be easy to clean, but also waterproof. Hair left on rotary razor will be shed due to vibration generated by charging station. Once it completes the cleaning process, it will automatically lubricate the razor blade. Your electric shaver is ready to store and use again on the other occasion.

As manufacturer of sophisticated electric shaver, Braun realizes that each type of facial hair requires a certain shaving technique. The technique used by a person might be different with technique used by other person. In order to deal with this problem, manufacturer equipped the electric razor with three different shaving modes. The modes available can be chosen by pressing respective button on the handle. By using this feature, users will be able to trim their facial hair, as they desired.

When you order this product, you will receive a package containing a set of electric shaver accessories. Besides the electric rotary razor itself, you can find charging station that serves as cleaning station as well in the package. The product also comes with one unit of cleaning cartridge. This cartridge contains alcohol to clean the rotary blade. Electric cord is also available to connect the charging station with power outlet. In order to support its portability, a unit of travelling case is also provided, so you are able to carry it along with you. Accessories comes with this product allows you to conveniently use the electric shaver.

If you decide to bring this product along with your travelling, you might need to consider the product dimension. Fortunately, dimension of this amazing product is only 6.3 by 6.3 inch with the length of 10.1 inch. Besides the compact design, it is also lightweight. By using travelling case provided, you will be able to fit it in your travelling bag without consuming too much space.

Compared to other electric shaver available on the careshaver, you will realize this product has plenty of features that you cannot find in other product. Basic features such as impressive rotary razor blades and smartly designed handle are incorporated on this device. Besides those features, it also has additional features such as charging and cleaning station. With all of features provided by Braun on this device, you might think that it will be costly. However, the price of this product is surprisingly affordable. You can bring it home only with $159.97. Since the electric razor for men manufactured by Braun also features free shipment cost and seven years warranty, you should not miss this amazing deal.

ASUS Chromebook Flip Mini Laptop Review

Asus is kind of the great manufacture of the laptop that has the special performance in its product. Well, with the new tech that is applied in this laptop, you will have the new sense when you want to have the best performance of the laptop. One kind of the Asus’ product that will be great choice for you is the ASUS Chromebook Flip Mini small Laptops. Well, it will pleasant you with the flip tech there. In order to know the best features inside the laptop, we will talk about the details of it below.

The stylish and convertible design
Talking about the kinds of the great laptop, the first thing that you should see is the design of it. The design of the laptop will provide the great look that will affect you in the way to run it. In this case, you can see that this laptop has the flip tech. It is also called as the Yoga laptop. The flip here will give the new sense in your using. In other hand, the 10.1 inches in size of the screen maybe is the small size but it will help you when you want to bring it wherever you go with your friends.
ASUS Chromebook Flip Mini Laptop Review
Another thing here that maybe will pleasant you here is the design of it. Here, the manufacture announces that it uses the both of silver and black as its color combination. Well, the combination of the color here will provide the elegant look of the laptop. I other hand, the unique chassis here is kind of anti-mainstream chassis that will provide the different sense than others. It will make your laptop is more special than the usual one. Something that you need to consider is the maintenance. Keeping the clean of it is the simplest way you can do.

The well running of performance
In order to have the best use of this laptop, you need to consider the details of the specs. Well, the specs will influence the performance of the laptop. Here, let’s see the processor of it. As the kind of the chrome-book, it uses the chrome operating system. Although it is kind of unusual style, it will provide the great performance for you. In other hand, the rock-chip with the 1.8 GHz processor here will provide the stable running, especially when you want to use it to do your jobs.
In other hand, this laptop has the 2 GB DDR3 in RAM. The RAM or Random Access Memory is kind of the important features that will influence the performance of it. Here, with the good RAM here, you will be able to have the well running of your program. Still in the features of the laptop, here you also will find the 16GB SSD storage. It is kind of the new style of the storage that will give the best memory to save any kinds of your document. However, you need to maintain the space of it especially when you want to install any kind of program or game.

The use of the laptop
Based on the explanation above, we all know that the ASUS Chromebook Flip Mini Laptop is kind of the new laptop that can be the alternative for you. However, based on the spec of this laptop, it is kind of the great choice when you want to use it as the office job. Well, this laptop has no power when you want to use it to play any kinds of the heavy games or do some graphic jobs. See the catalogue to see the more details before you choose it.

Stylish design
Easy to bring
New features and tech

Low for the heavy games
Expensive price than the same spec